Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Good Glass of Wine...

My wife is my best friend, and lately I've seen very little of her. Over the weekend I was back home in North Carolina gorging on pork, and several days before that we were on opposite day/night shifts. So, our first night together we decided to celebrate with a simple little dish from Ellie Kreiger (A really crunchy nutritionist/cook) and a bottle of yummy (and exquisitely cheap Merlot).

The meal: "Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta". Despite my dislike of crunchy healthy tofu loving nutritionists, this really is a yummy creamy tomato dish with the briney/salty bite of fresh feta. Pair it with a fresh toasted baguette and you can sop the sauce while diving into the baked prawns. A velvety Merlot goes down nicely and paired quite well with the acid in the sauce.

It had been a long 14 hours of work, and opening the door to an ecstatic puppy, good tunes on the stereo, and inviting smells wafting though my brainpiece soothed my soul. After exchanging manic jumps, twirls, kisses, and snorts with Fenway(our pup), kissing my wife hello, and sitting down next to that glass of grapey liquid gold I thought..."Nothing like being home with a good glass of wine, great eats, and my wife (Fenway and Manny too)." Who needs more than that to make them happy?

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