Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pork, Pork, Pork

Growing up, pork was forbidden. Reading my earlier entries you will see I was somewhat of a Christian Orthodox/Jew/Muslim/Seventh Day Adventist/Jehovah's Witness identified as a member of "The Worldwide Church of God". Summarizing: We kept a Sabbath, No Pork, No Christmas, No Birthdays, and in hindsight..."No Fun".

Our religion changed to something a bit more sane...less "Acts of Faith" and more, "God kinda knows what's in your heart, so it's okay to eat pork, He wont smite you", and voila...I started eating everything I could...pork being one of my most favorite new friends.

Recalling briefly on using "Five Guys" as "Chicken Soup for the Soul" for life changing decisions, I recently used Pork as my newest aide. Actually, I headed home for the weekend to visit my folks, and dad was into making "Pulled Pork Tacos".

As a side regarding my father, he has always self-identified as a "Grilling Man", but his prowess in the kitchen has often been undermined by his enthusiasm to toss everything into the kitchen sink. I too had the same problem until I started reading about food, and then the tumblers started to click into place.

Recognizing his passion and need for honing I got him a book by Rick Bayless, a known American expert on Mexican cuisine. The proposed menu? Pulled Pork Tacos,(rubbed in a savory adobo, smoked, and slow cooked) and Guacamole.

Dad eyes gleamed like a kid's on Christmas morning as he carefully thought out each meticulous step. Step 1: Rub the Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt) down with a savory adobo. Step 2: Smoke the Butt with White Oak. Step 3: Cook that sucker slow and low in the "Crock Pot". Step 4: Make some guacamole. Step 5: Have his son (the sous chef in this case) prep the taco fixins and imbibe some beers to enhance the experience.

The end result: A succulent sexy hunk of pulled pork enveloped in a double corn tortilla with some basting juices, radishes, spritz of lime, and pinch of cilantro. Add the tortilla chips with fresh guac on the side and a few more beers and you had some kind of magic. I was asleep by 8pm dreaming of little piggies flying through buttery flaming hoops after swimming in a basting vat...oh you succulent crispy skinned porker.

Such opulent dining was simple, cheap (the roast cost about 11 bucks for 7 pounds), and exquisite. Making argument against the thousand dollar dinners of Thomas Keller's "French Laundry" and more for the lip smacking dopamine indulgences of pleasure via simple family style dining. Overdosing on a simple pulled pork...I tried, I failed, I slept 12 hours of peaceful sleep.

As for my life changing decision? I think I made it, with aide of pork, libation, and family.

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