Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Home Revolution...

Locavore, Local, Stop the Corporate Giants! I'm inspired to write this after watching "Beer Wars". As a home brewer it piqued my interest because I absolutely have gone ape shit over beer. I guess at 17 I started saying, "In a year, I can vote and die for my country in war, hell yes, I can also imbibe."

As apey as I go over home cooking, eating at wonderful establishments, and experiencing food revolution innovation...I totally support whole hog, righteously fully, the craft brew movement. If you watch the documentary your blood will boil at the savagery and monopoly Anheuser Busch, Miller, and Coors has put on the little man brewer since prohibition. Due to their monetary success they have bought up the board just like the winner in the game Monopoly. It's the American Dream I suppose.

However, those companies have stood for mediocrity. Their flagship beers SUCK...and they really have survived on buying up the little man. Their actual beer ideas are poaching of great craft and regional breweries. I sit here with a Dogfish Head 90 minute ipa savoring the flavor of a righteously well made beer. As Carla Hall would say, "It was made with love, you can taste the love". Thank you Sam Calagione for your well thought brews!

So many of us, including myself say we as Americans live in post modern Rome. The calm before the giant collapse. Like so many others I feel America is in it's twilight. I hope it's not the case however. In two-hundred years we have lived the "American Dream". And in humanity, I think our corporate success first and dreams last culture is beginning to fail us. Is it the time of rising for small businesses with actual organic and soulful ideas? Whole Foods is cornering that market when you shop at their establishment. Whole Foods = you support small, you are an individual, and you have a mind of your own to take down corporate food...and I feel it's catching on.

Listen, I home brew and cook at home with my wife because we too have love to give to our ingredients. Isn't it time you do the same?

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  1. Dogfish 90 is a mighty fine beer. Hmmm...when is my lunch break?