Friday, January 7, 2011

2006 Jelly Jar Zinfandel and THE BURGER

We make burgers, and I blogged about it. And tonight, we have made a burger to rival Laurent Tourondel. Balanced with a very important and wonderful Zinfandel, best we have ever drank named "Jelly Jar" from Napa.

It's a wine we have dreaded drinking, because we only had one, and it was our first trip to Napa. And we knew it would just taste like beautiful music. And it did...the name is derived for when the wine maker's ancestors made wine in jelly jars...but as you know, Zinfandel tastes like an amazing jar of Blackberry jelly.

The Burger...Whole Foods Local 85/15 Ground Beef, Spanish Herbed Goat Cheese (the silkiest we have ever sampled), Over Easy Egg, Bacon (Burger pan fried in Bacon Fat), Brussel and Alfalfa Sprouts, and fresh Onion Bun pan toasted in Bacon Fat...

Take any of that away, and the burger is no good. The melding of great ingredients, perfect ingredients, paired with a perfect Zinfandel...

Like us, just like us...And we say adieu to a wonderful montage, and bonjour to more saveur.

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