Friday, February 12, 2010

Wasted Day?

I used to think that the longer you did stuff, well, it just was more meaningful. Call it the Puritan work ethic. If it's more difficult, it's better for you. Thusly, long runs, long work outs, painting for 4 hours, playing the trumpet for two hours. If you can't devote 6 monk-like hours to your passions your day is wasted...

The older I get, the less time I have to spend devoted amounts of hours on things I love. Rather than throwing them away, I have had to adapt. What used to be a waste is perhaps better.

Case in point...10 minutes on the trumpet. Professor Ketch was right when he said, "Just 10 minutes Matt", it will melt away your stress.

10 minutes, my time, forget about the dog barking at the paper blowing across the street, forget that I have to be in Washington DC in the next 70 minutes and I really need to shower after my pilates and hike through the park...

If you've ever played horn, your lips get this nice red pucker to them much like a fishes lips at the end of your session. Your lips even tingle a bit and are a tad bit long enough they get callouses. It's a nice feeling to come back home to.

Less is more sometimes when you are going for things you really love.

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