Friday, February 26, 2010

The Blogging Public

A Random thought as we begin to blog and Facebook ourselves into another decade. Will this be the old school way of documenting once our grand kids are born?

My wife tape-recorded her grandparent's stories back when they were in their late 60s. Do the kids now blog their grandparent's stories? Shoot, they can record them via camera very easy now...what's next?

It's interesting how life develops. In maybe a 1,000 years I bet we finally meet up and start civilizations with "Aliens". Why not? I don't know if a "Jesus" will ever come down to rescue us.

I once believed that I lived in the time when "God" would come and rescue us all because we tried to learn too much to become "God Himself"...that and the apocalypse was coming. Goddamn religious values taught by someone "called" to hear "God's" word. Am I a bit questionable and angry? Yes. Did the same stuff I'm angry at help teach me wonderful values on how to become a wonderful human being happen as well? Yes. Conflicted. Not really, just stating the facts ma'am.

We are gods...period...we have a creator. It would be nice to be invincible. Superman, where are your underwear? I'd like some bulletproof pants.

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