Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Frolic Inspiration Rolic

The summer was funktastic...who wants to cook when it is 100 degrees +? Now fall is in the air...crisp nights, cool breezes. We find ourselves on the cusp of being so much more motivated to exercise, cook, and I have found it interesting to brew some beer.

4 years ago my wife bought me a beer making kit for our anniversary...can anyone say keeper? And like all new hobbies I started brewing like a bandit who robbed a bank, and then got lazy...sitting on my laurels, more interested in doing home improvements.

But another whiff of adrenaline has found it's way to my happy heart, and I invested in a couple of kit recipes ready to roll for our quickly upcoming Thanksgiving in North Carolina.

Pumpkin Ale, and Old Ale...

Believe it our not the Pumpkin Ale's recipe had me add a 32oz can of Libby's Pumpkin Pie Mix...along with hops and malt of course. And credit to my late father-in-law...I got to brew two beers at once having inherited his propane boiler.

Currently they are burpin' away CO2 at breakneck speed and the basement is filled with hints of yeasty goodness. Put it directly, it smells like a heaven!

What's more exciting is that I also got a "Hot Point" old school fridge...the one kids used to get locked into and suffocate back in the day...and it will soon become a kegerator (thinking Christmas present to myself). Oh sweet ale how I love thee.

Last but not least...smoke em' if you got em'. Yep, my man buddy Bryan donated his old propane smoker to us as he cashed in for a newbie. What a guy...what a pass his inspiration to smoke meat to two neophytes in the Jacobs clan.

As the fall weather progresses to winter...think of the loverly opportunities for greatness! Kegerator...home brew...smoking meat....

Taking future reservations now.

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  1. I will take 5 of everything you are having! Homemade beer and smoked meat, what more could this girl ask for? mmmmm, I totally heart a full belly and good friends.