Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Inn at Little Washington

"Hey Matty, can you write about death of a loved one and how it is bettered by presence of bar-b-qued pork?" Why yes, I think I can. "Well then, how about writing about "The Inn at Little Washington"?"

dead silence....."Hello, Matty? Are you there? Hello?"

I have long dreaded writing about our magnificent experience at "The Inn at Little Washington" because I can really say no more greatness than the thousands who have written before me. In short, the gods of food spoke long ago. Me and my wife, fledgling epicureans as we may be hold no candle to review this long revered international destination. I can highly recommend going and can do nothing but rave on the food and hospitality.

Chef O'Connell is accessible, personal, and genuine. Although we knew we were merely another insignificant set of travelers, spending yet another important event in "our" lives...we felt we were the most important people to ever visit. And that is the magic that is "The Inn at Little Washington".

To describe the dishes in run down sentence snippet fashion is insulting and cheapens the event to nothing more than voyeuristic pornography or a one night stand. Sure...I photograph dishes, write about recipes, and review food on this blog all of the time. However, this was something different. There was a reverence I have seldom felt while dining and staying over. No detail was untouched...and maybe I can only equate it to the act of making love...there's no bragging to the boys on the exploits of exploring the inner most sanctums of you and your partner's soul. It is something for you and your partner only. It isn't reproducible in print nor spoken word. This was a special connection, it was spiritual, personally poetic, and completing.

And that is what Chef Patrick O'Connell probably set out to do. To enhance lives via his craft of food and is his life's work. And to be part of someone executing their life's work with such love in any facet is something very special. It is rare to find, and priceless to experience.


  1. And amazingly enough I think you did capture the essence of the food by refusing to share the details of such an experience. Keeping this one to yourself only maddens the rest of us who have not yet gotten a chance to have quite such an intimate experience with a culinary delight that deserves more than just mere words in black and white.

  2. What a wonderful comment. Thank you, it means a lot for people to share my musings.

  3. Glad you had a good time Matty, I hope to eat there at some point before I depart this planet.

  4. I like readiny people's musings. Especially when they have a semi focused thread of topics. Plus-well I know how special food can be and the importance of it socially. I hope to start experimenting with more things. I am totally stoked to try out the grilled peaches with yogurt and honey now.