Monday, January 11, 2010

Does God want us to become God?

Just read a book that got me thinking about the general consensus in religion is that "God is in control, and we are merely fallible humans, vessels waiting to be beamed up to that great gig in the sky while we fritter about like busy chipmunks".

Really? I just don't know if I buy that logic. I believe in a God, I believe we were created by..well, let's just call it "Him"...but why create a bunch of fallible humans, let them run around creating and destroying and then decide to finally "beam them up"?

What's with the wait? Why not create people in your image and live happily ever after? Why make us serve penance for some lady eating an apple that a snake told her to eat. Really? We are still on earth because someone chose to be curious about a piece of fruit?

Cowering from an omnipotent being, always asking for forgiveness, please do this, please do that, and living in fear that "He" might smite you because you said a bad word is a horrible state to live in. So why are there so many people who choose to be religious? Always "Afraid" of God...always passively praying and asking "Him" to fix things for you when you have the know how to fix it yourself, or it just can't be fixed.

Not saying I don't believe in miracles, not saying I don't pray...I just don't agree that we are "just some passive imperfect lumps of flesh waiting around for God to come and rescue us from our intrepid world". Why would God create people and then be so angry with them that they have to cower, and only talk to you in prostrate, and say, "I'm so sorry, I'm only human, I'm so imperfect, please fix my life?"

So, my thought is, God created us in His image to become gods. Think about it...why were we given the ability of reason? Why has science progressed so far if we are just biding our time before we are rescued from this planet? In my eyes, we are godlike...we may not be the "Supreme Architect of the Universe" (as the Masons call it), but we were put here for something. Where we go after we die scares me because I don't know. I'd hope we continue doing something, and I'd hate to realize that we just hung around for a few seconds just to push the pendulum a little further for the next generation. But think about it, are we not designed to become like God if "He" created us in "His" image?

Interesting musing don't you think?


  1. Dude, you're sounding kinda mormon there...

  2. Really? I just read Dan's kinda more Masonic for me.

  3. That makes sense...after all, Mormonism did borrow a great deal from the Freemasons. Is the Dan Brown book any good?

  4. It's pretty good..enjoyed a Mason it neither painted us in a good or bad light..just sort of a truthful one. But the mormonism thing is funny if you ever watched that SouthPark episode of how the Marmon's got their start, and after every explanation the background music hums, "dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb"...u found any churchy stuff up there in Philly? Not really looking in Annapolis