Sunday, March 1, 2009

We have always heard it...

Rabbit Rabbit, first of the month...happy March.

My wife and I have endeavored to lose that honeymoon comfortable fluff, and pack on the muscle. We have a nice pool in our community, and I am way to vain to wear a shirt with my swimsuit all summer.

Last night I worked the 12a-8a shift in the Emergency Department at my other job...what I find interesting as a new professional is how many people just don't want to do their jobs. Most disconcerting was the patient who needed to be taken care of by a Doctor at another hospital for continuity of care, and the Doctor abandoned the patient by saying, "Well, I don't feel that the patient should be taken care of right now"...more or less...two other doctors one at our hospital, one at the other, felt the patient was an acute or death....thankfully a Doctor who did not ever take care of the patient took up the slack and helped that patient.

I see it every day, and I'm sure many of you in the health care field see the same. We take care of a lot of patients who's providers fail to provide. On a more global scale, these acts of failing to follow through happen with every business. Is this more prevalent? Or am I coming of age and realizing the harsh reality of our world?

I believe the reason most voted for Obama is that they hoped to see a change in philosophy. Maybe they many wanted to see better ownership. I feel he preaches that in his messages to act in your local communities...things starting at home, and progressing globally. My hope of hopes is that Obama succeeds. I do however feel strongly against the stimuli of packages he is helping to orchestrate. I feel these packages are built to reward bad behavior of overspending/borrowing and a overall irresponsibility. We all knew the kids whose parents got them the beautiful sports car, saw it wrecked in a DUI, and then replaced the next week. Was there a positive life lesson?

Truly yours, opinionated, open minded, though I must say...I try to keep a nice verbal armor to protect me...


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  1. Hey Matty, nice blog! You make really good points...where is the life lesson? Although I understand that it's necessary at some level, I still bristle at how the titans of finance who destroyed our economy get the bailout. It seems like it's heads, they win, tails we lose. Check out this infuriating article on the AIG debacle, for which the meter is still running. This is not pretty.